I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures at California State University, Fresno (i.e., Fresno State). I specialize in linguistics, translation and interpreting, and data science. My research hence draws upon different subfields, including second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and natural language processing. I am also an experienced language teacher and a practicing translator and interpreter (EN <> ES, FR <> ES). In my free time I enjoy watching movies, playing adventure videogames, and eating peanut butter cups.


October 2023: Chaired a panel and preented a paper at the 2023 PAMLA Conference held in Portland, OR
September 2023: Published a collaborative article in Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
Fall 2023: Joined Fresno State as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.
August 2023: Awarded Doctor of Philosophy degree from Pitt.
July 2023: Published a new collaborative chapter in the Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics.
June 2023: Published a new collaborative chapter in the most recent edited volume of Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

Recent work

Online written map task

In this collaborative project, we offer recommendations for creating a novel, customizeable map task. As proof of concept, we present a pilot study exemplifying our own map implementation, designed to elicit informal written communication in either English or Spanish. We describe the use of computational methods to measure task success, and we also provide a comparative analysis of the language elicited in both languages. This study was published in the December 2023 issue of Research Methods in Applied Linguistics.

Corpora, cognition, and usage-based linguistics

In this collaborative chapter we review the origins of usage-based approaches to language development and change, including their connection to human cognition. We also address the compatibility of these approaches with increasingly-sophisticated corpus design and query tools, and review recent studies on usage-based factors across different corpora, languages, and linguistic structures. This is one of the chapters published in Wiley Blackwell's Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics (2023).

Future-in-the-past expression

Two forms commonly used to express future in the past are the periphrastic future in the imperfect (e.g., iba a bailar ‘I was going to dance’) and the conditional (e.g., bailaría ‘I would dance’). In this study we investigate future-in-the-past expression in residents of Seville, Spain and Caracas, Venezuela using a preference task. This study was published as a chapter John Benjamin's Innovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics (2023).

Diminutive morphology in written L2 Spanish

This study investigates the use of diminutive suffixes in Spanish as a second language, with a focus on written production. Analyses showed that learners mainly used previously encountered forms, rather than creative word formations, although learner errors nevertheless revealed some recognition of productive diminutive morphology. The most recent version of this project was presented at the AAAL 2023 conference in Portland, Oregon.


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